ESAC moves out of JP

The Ecumenical Social Action Committee (ESAC), long based out of 3313 Washington St., is moving its offices to Dorchester today. Its offices were closed today to allow for the move.

The relocation was announced in an email to its mailing list. ESAC’s new address will be 214 Harvard St. in Dorchester.

It is unclear what the future of ESAC’s involvement with community initiatives around Egleston Square and its annual fundraiser, the “Taste of JP” food festival, will be.

ESAC Executive Director Bill Minkle was not immediately available for comment.

ESAC is a multi-pronged community support nonprofit that aims to improve the quality of life for Boston residents, especially the young and the elderly. Its programs, aside from senior home-repair support, include foreclosure support and prevention, graduation equivalency diploma support for high school drop-outs and coordination with Egleston Square Main Streets for community building. Its website is

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