We Are Hair names contest winners, expands

We Are Hair, a hair salon at 708 Centre St., has awarded three JP residents with months of free haircuts following an unusual contest to celebrate its second anniversary.

Last month’s contest was designed around 20 photos of the salon employees in various unidentified locations around the neighborhood. The winners were selected from the entrants who guessed all of the locations correctly.

“We had about 100 people enter,” Richard Repetta, owner of We Are Hair, told the Gazette. “About 20 got all the pictures right, so we put [their names] in a basket and drew winners from there. It was the fairest way to do it.”

Cynthia Zabin won a year’s worth of free haircuts, Kathy Evans won six months, and Joanne Dolan won three months.

We Are Hair has also moved into the front of its shared space with Soleil Tan & Spa following a renovation.

“In two years, we grew [our business] in that back room, but to grow further, we needed the visibility,” Repetta said. “The owners of Soleil agreed it would be beneficial to both businesses for us to move up front. This week alone, we can see people stopping in, like it’s a new business.”

Repetta has also added one more stylist’s chair, though he isn’t hiring anyone new yet, he said.

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