Editorial: Viva Centre Street Cafe!

The prospect of Tres Gatos purchasing the Centre Street Café is great news for JP’s local business scene. Local leaders should do whatever is needed to support the deal and see it through.

A cozy place with an always surprising menu, Centre Street Café is a neighborhood institution. Its Sunday brunch line is one of the see-and-be-seen local traditions. Owner Felicia Sánchez deserves a good retirement. If it can remain a local restaurant in local hands helping the local economy, all the better.

Tres Gatos is an unusual combination bookshop, record store and restaurant. David Doyle and partners came up the creative solution to reinvent the former Rhythm & Muse, part of the dying breed of indie bookstores. We should all be pleased that such local small-business ingenuity is paying off well enough for them to be in the position of buying another JP restaurant.

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