Chorus praises JP in song lyrics

A Jamaica Plain-based choral group, SingPositive, featured a cover of a Disney song with lyrics adapted to highlight JP life in a concert last month.

“Here in JP,” sung to the tune of “Under the Sea” from the movie “The Little Mermaid,” talks of JP’s parks, notable stores and restaurants like Kitchenwitch and Wonder Spice, the Footlight Club and even home births. It also rhymes “read the Gazette” with “visit the vet.”

“You can dress weird here, and grow a beard here, take it from me…Whether the bridge should go or stay, here in JP you’ll have your say,” the lyrics read.

Created as a joint effort by SingPositive’s three directors, Krissy Skare, Michael Glashow and Joel Sindelar, the song was “a total collaboration,” Sindelar said.

“During the show, Krissy conducted, Michael played the guitar and I was in the horn section on baritone sax, next to two trombonists from the choir,” Sindelar said. “It was a blast.”

SingPositive’s Dec. 15 concert, where “Here in JP” debuted, was its fourth season concert. It filled Our Lady of Lourdes parish hall with an audience of 250, Sindelar said.

The 80-member group includes adults and children from over 40 families, Sindelar said.

“It’s the most natural music learning environment for kids that I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone is just working on music together, and the kids are right in the middle of it,” he said.

SingPositive’s fifth season starts in February. For more information, see


“Here in JP”

By Krissy Skare, Michael Glashow and Joel Sindelar


They say that the water’s cleaner in any suburban lake

You dream about movin’ out there, but that is a big mistake

Just look at the town around you, Southwest on the Corridor

The greenways and parks surround you, what more are you looking for?


Here in JP, here in JP,

Our plant museum—the Arboretum’s—bursting with trees!

Out in the ’burbs they slave away and take commuter trains all day,

While we be likin’ all of our bikin’

Here in JP!


The pond is the place to go to if you want a nice, long walk

Pretend you’re a fancy captain and rent a boat from the dock

Spontaneous hosts a party: each year we all dance and play

Make lanterns so nice and arty—watch out as you cross J’way!


Here in JP, here in JP

You can dress weird here, and grow a beard here, take it from me!

We got a bunch of hangout spots and for the kids we got tot lots!

We got no trouble, live in a bubble

Here in JP! We ride the T

Jackson to Forest, Sam Adams tourists take the trolley!

Whether the bridge should go or stay, here in JP you’ll have your say

All things that matter generate chatter

Here in JP!


Go visit the vet or read the Gazette

If you want to cook, or borrow a book,

Walk down Centre Street and you’re bound to meet

A pal—maybe two or three! (Yeah)

Shop at Kitchenwitch and then Knit n’ Stitch

Eat at Wonder Spice, or Ban Chiang is nice

Get your sugar fix down at JP Licks,

Then tix for the Footlight Club!


Here in JP, here in JP

Wake Up the Earth here, have a home birth here, naturally!

What do they got—a lot of land; we got a hot SingPositive band!

So many bak’ries feed us their pastries—Here in JP!

Join a committee, make your street pretty—Here in JP!

We got two rotaries and several groc’ries,

Stake out your part in community garden,

Neighborhood listservs, so many hipsters

Here in JP!

CORRECTION: This article has been edited to correct the spelling of Sindelar’s name.

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