JP History: This Week in JP History

The Gazette’s top headlines from this week in JP history:


5 Years Ago: 2009

“Turner escapes council scrutiny”

City Councilor Chuck Turner, who was under federal indictment for bribery, escaped an internal City Council review of his case and announced his bid for re-election. Turner won the contest, but was convicted and forced to resign. He returned to Boston last year after serving a prison sentence.

10 Years Ago: 2004

“Hate group drops flyers on JP street”

The racist group National Alliance drops anti-Semitic, anti-immigration and homophobic literature in JP.


15 Years Ago: 1999

“Bromley to lay off 55 workers”

The Bromley-Heath housing development’s Tenant Management Corporation (TMC) lays off 55 of its employees after the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) decided not to underwrite payroll funds. BHA took over Bromley-Heath management in 2012.


20 Years Ago: 1994

“Growing strong”

Three teen programs are created by Dimock Community Health Center, Hennigan Elementary School and JP Against Drugs to help local youths during a time dominated by crime and violence.

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