Casey meeting on Forest Hills impacts slated for Feb. 4

FOREST HILLS—A community meeting to explain in detail the Casey Arborway project’s expected impact to the Forest Hills area has been scheduled for Feb. 4.

Organized by Weld Hill Avenue resident Sarah Buermann, the meeting is expected to cover traffic patterns and circulation, the revised drop-off area and parking concerns for the area.

“The purpose of the meeting is to brief the neighbors on the design and the process behind it, as well as the results of the finished product: traffic improvements, visual renderings, better cycling and pedestrian accommodations, and the rough outline of the construction schedule,” state Department of Transportation (MassDOT) spokesperson Michael Verseckes said.

“We expect to be given an understanding of the particularities of [the state’s] plan,” she told the Gazette. “I want to understand it and I want MassDOT to hear concerns from the neighborhood and make appropriate adjustments for us to live safely in this neighborhood.”

Buermann said she is adamant that this is not a meeting to discuss the possibility of a bridge rather than surface streets or concerns from other neighborhoods.

“It should be restricted to the subject at hand,” she said.

Buermann said that she was not satisfied with her local representation on the project’s Design Advisory Board (DAG), saying the representative attended three meetings early in the process and no more.

Originally planned for Tues., Jan. 21, the meeting was postponed due to snow. It is scheduled for Tues., Feb. 4, at the State Lab, 305 South St.

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