Mail problems lead to staff changes

The spate of mail delivery problems that hit Jamaica Plain last month has resulted in managerial changes, according to United States Postal Service spokesperson Melissa Lohnes.

The Gazette reported last month that several areas of Jamaica Plain had problems with undelivered mail, including St. Rose, Boylston and Jamaica Streets, as well as Robinwood and Spring Park Avenues.

“We have been taking our customers’ recent experience with the Postal Service very seriously,” Lohnes said in an email to the Gazette. “We have made managerial changes to our staff and we have addressed the past issues with deliveries. We will continue to take the appropriate actions to provide the service all of our customers expect from us.”

Patricia Lieber, who lives on Pond Street, was one of the JP residents who experienced mail delivery problems last month. She said the week before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, she did not receive any of her mail—but did incorrectly get her neighbors’ mail. Lieber said she called the JP post office to complain and was told that the regular carrier was out and a substitute was delivering the mail.

But then Lieber did not get mail the two days following MLK Day. She went to the JP post office, where she said she was told that the carrier was sick and she would not be getting her mail.

“The response from the post office has been nonexistent. If it happens again I will call downtown, as whomever the manager is over there appears to be incompetent and totally unconcerned,” said Lieber.

She said she also did not get mail on Feb. 4 and said that the problem “is more widespread than noted.”

Lohnes said that customers who continue to have “out-of-the-ordinary experiences” with USPS should call 617-654-5740 or email consumer&[email protected].

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