DCR: Spring meeting for pond access improvement

PONDSIDE—The state Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will hold a follow-up community meeting sometime in the spring to discuss its plan to improve access to the Jamaica Pond at the intersection of Perkins Street and Francis Parkman Drive, according to spokesperson Bill Hickey.

DCR held a community meeting last summer, unveiling three concepts to improve the intersection. Attendees seemed to prefer a combination of the three concepts. The plan at the intersection is part of a larger effort to improve access to Jamaica Pond that already saw projects done at Kelly Circle and Eliot Street.

“DCR will be making another presentation in the spring that takes the community feedback that we received into account,” said Hickey. “The agency also will be working with the City of Boston and the new administration prior to that meeting.”

The first concept would place a crosswalk on the west side of Perkins Street at the intersection and another crosswalk at the end of Parkman Drive. A traffic light would be installed, along with traffic-calming measures, such as bumping out the curb on the southeastern side of the intersection and fattening the medians on Perkins Street.

The second concept would place a crosswalk and pedestrian signal farther west on Perkins Street near Prince Street. A path would bring people to Parkman Drive, south of the intersection, where another crosswalk and pedestrian signal would be installed.

The third concept would place a crosswalk and pedestrian signal on Perkins Street, east of the entrance to Cabot Estate. A sign warning drivers of pedestrians crossing would be placed farther east on Perkins Street, prior to a curve in the street.

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