Editorial: Awaiting an answer on mail delivery problems

JP deserves a full explanation about the reasons behind the U.S. Postal Service’s recent delivery problems, and the specifics of a plan to halt them.

Considering the large volume of mail and USPS’s endless budget problems, mail delivery in general is quite good. But the recent problems documented by the Gazette over large sections of the neighborhood involve gross errors with a real impact on residents’ lives.

At first, USPS announced management changes at the JP post office. But problems have continued. Most recently, we have a USPS spokesperson attempting to make us believe that large-scale delivery problems can only be addressed individually with private information. This is a polite way of telling us all to go jump in Jamaica Pond. It’s an unacceptable insult added to injury.

The USPS clearly has serious organizational problems in JP and probably in other parts of the city, too. It has had them many times before, typically involving the cutting of delivery routes. Is that what is happening here again?

It’s time for a grown-up in the federal government or USPS to get JP some real answers. And JP residents would be wise to remember whatever the response is the next time the USPS seeks favors from Congress, and tell its representatives to vote accordingly.

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