Letter: A farewell from Malia’s office

Since 2009, I have had the amazing opportunity of working for one of the most dynamic legislators in the State House, Rep. Liz Malia. Throughout my five years working for Rep. Malia, I have been astonished by her dedication to her district, and her commitment to advocate for those who have the greatest needs. She has been and will continue to be a forward-thinking legislator who drives progressive legislation that aims to end injustices across the Commonwealth. From equal marriage rights, to CORI reform, to Hot Dog Tuesday on South Street, Liz Malia is a gem and I am honored to have worked for her.

During the nearly five years I have spent working for Rep. Malia, I have immeasurably grown personally and professionally. The hundreds of constituent cases that I have worked on, meetings I have attended and the community activists that I have worked with all shaped the person that I am today—for which I will be forever grateful.

March 14 will mark my last day working in the Office of Rep. Liz Malia, and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for the years of invaluable mentorship—I am truly indebted. Although it is with a heavy heart that I will transition from my current role, it is with excitement that I will begin a new chapter in my life as the associate director of community engagement at Urban Edge Community Development Corporation. In this role, I will utilize the skills I have gained over the past five years, and I will continue to work in the communities that I love.

Thank you, Jamaica Plain residents, and thank you, Liz Malia, for the years of memories!

Robert Torres


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