Tres Gatos to raise funds for local nonprofits

HYDE SQ.—Tres Gatos, a restaurant and music-and-book store located at 470 Centre St., is kicking off a fundraising campaign April 1 that will support local nonprofits, according to owner David Doyle.

“Needless to say, the more the community gets involved in spreading the word, the more successful it will be. Our goal is not only to give our local nonprofits a financial boost, but to spread the word about their missions, and to inspire residents to volunteer their time and get involved,” said Doyle in an email to the Gazette.

Starting April 1, Tres Gatos will host a fundraising dinner for a local nonprofit the first Tuesday of every month. The April 1 fundraiser will donate 10 percent of restaurant and book and music sales to Spontaneous Celebrations, a community arts center in Jamaica Plain that puts on the Wake Up the Earth Festival.

Doyle said the inspiration for the fundraising came from the now-defunct Rhythm & Muse book and record store he and his brother owned in Hyde Square, because it was “always involved in the culture life of JP.”

“I had intended to start this type of campaign when we opened three years ago, but then quickly realized that we had to get the basics of running the restaurant down before tackling additional events and programs, which take a lot of time and energy to do properly,” he said.

Doyle said that the nonprofits Tres Gatos plans to fundraise for are “indispensable to the health of the community” and do work that defines the “community’s well-being.” He said it is “very important” that the private sector and nonprofit community work together.

“In my mind, this type of partnership benefits both parties, not to mention the community that makes their existence possible,” said Doyle. “A ‘successful’ private sector that isn’t involved in the nonprofit community isn’t, in my opinion, fully successful. And nonprofits that aren’t open to working with the private sector are not exploring all their options.”

Doyle said the timeframe for the fundraising campaign is indefinite and upcoming events are being planned for Centre/South Main Streets, the chamber music group Groupmuse, and Dorchester’s ReVision Urban Farm.


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