Domino’s pulls out of JP again

Keeping the streak alive, Domino’s has yet again given up a potential Jamaica Plain location.

The latest proposal, aimed at opening a Domino’s franchise at 3203-3213 Washington St. in Egleston Square, was originally scheduled to appear before the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) in December before potential franchisee Robert Rivard asked to postpone the hearing.

According to JPNC Zoning Committee Chair David Baron, the applicant recently notified him and the City that he was “no longer proposing a Domino’s for that location.”

“They have sufficient ‘coverage’ from their Roslindale and Roxbury locations and they were worried that this location might actually take business away from those stores,” Baron said. “So they withdrew their appeal and Zoning never heard it.”

Over the past several years, Domino’s franchises have sought to open in Canary Square and Forest Hills, only to face threats of protests from JP residents who say they do not want chain stores in the neighborhood.

A Domino’s location opened at 4000 Washington St. on the JP/Roslindale border earlier this year. There is also a Domino’s located inside the Roxbury Crossing MBTA station.

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