Where to watch the Cup in JP

With the soccer World Cup quarter finals currently underway, Jamaica Plain is getting into the swing of watching the soccer matches.

Most bars in JP are showing the matches live. A few have added Cup-specific specials to enhance JP’s cheering pleasure.

The Haven, 2 Perkins St., 524-2836: halftime “Pint and a Pie” special, $10; showing matches with the sound on.

Eugene O’Neill’s, 3700 Washington St., 553-2492: $3 Peroni beers, showing matches with sound on.

Centre Street Sanctuary, 365 Centre St., 942-8951: drinks specials based on the teams’ national liquor.

Jeanie Johnston Pub, 144 South St., 983-9432: showing matches.

Costello’s Tavern: 723 Centre St. 522-9263: showing matches.

Galway House, 710 Centre St., 524-9677: showing matches.

Drinking Fountain, 3520 Washington St., 522-7335: showing matches.

Doyle’s Café, 3484 Washington St., 524-2345: showing matches.

James Gate, 5 McBride St., 983-2000: showing matches.

Brendan Behan Pub, 378 Centre St., 522-5386: showing matches.

Canary Square, 435 S. Huntington Ave., 524-2500: showing matches.

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