‘You Spy’ scavenger hunt for Ten Tables dinner

A new JP photo scavenger hunt is taking place this summer, with the grand prize of dinner for two at Ten Tables up for grabs.

Maxfield & Company, a real estate co-op, is sponsoring the ten-week challenge currently underway. John Maxfield told the Gazette that he’s always been fond of “different or weird…unusual marketing that has a community outreach.”

“I’ve always liked to have fun,” he said.

A few photographers are going around JP, he said, documenting 10 locations—they could be public locations, nonprofits, businesses, he said—and new pictures will go up three times a week.

On Mondays, a close-up detail shot will be posted on maxfieldRE.com. On Tuesday, a second picture of the same location will be added. On Wednesday, a third picture will go up. Each picture will be easier to identify than the last.

A correct guess on Monday will net five entries for the grand prize. Tuesday answers will net three, and Wednesday answers will net one.

“We’re trying to keep it diverse and mysterious,” Maxfield said.

The scavenger hunt was originally part of Maxfield & Company’s annual holiday party before he decided to expand it to the whole community.

At the end of ten weeks, one entry will win a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Ten Tables.

Photo scavenger hunts are becoming a popular pastime. The JP salon We Are Hair held a similar contest last year.

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