Letter: JP Progressives urge ballot question votes

On Nov. 4, voters have critical decisions to make at the polls. Among the most important are the four ballot questions, each of which is key for building a strong and progressive future for Massachusetts.

The JP Progressives have endorsed—and urge your support—for voting “no-yes-yes-yes.”

No on Question 1, to keep the T funded. Question 1 eliminates the recently-passed law that indexes the gas tax to inflation. If you’ve ever been stuck on a broken Orange Line or tried to cross a decaying bridge, you know we cannot afford to gamble on our transportation system. It took too many years to get the gas tax up to a level to sustain basic fixes to our infrastructure. We can’t let it drop again. Vote no.

Yes on Question 2 for a better environment. Question 2 expands beverage container deposits to include water and juice bottles. Container deposit laws are proven beneficial for the environment. They reduce litter, increase recycling, reduce trash-collection costs, and encourage consumer responsibility.

Yes on Question 3 to repeal the casino deal.Vote yes. Stop the casino mess:

  1. Casino revenues are a false promise. Bloomberg News calls casinos “a losing bet.” Casinos across the Northeast are struggling. Four have gone under in Atlantic City. Promised revenues in Ohio and Pennsylvania aren’t there. Why would Massachusetts want to stake its economy on a failing industry, just at a time when our economy has proven to be more resilient than most around the nation?
  2. Increasing addiction. Gambling addiction doubles in areas within 50 miles of a casino, according to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission.
  3. Casinos increase crime. Casinos are proven to increase rates of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and auto theft, according to some studies.
  4. A drain on revenues. Casinos will likely be a drain on state revenues. The increased government social costs and reduction in lottery revenue will put Massachusetts in a hole.
  5. False job claims. The Boston Business Journal wrote in 2007 that casino jobs are “bogus because the diversion of billions of dollars into one sector is destined to cause job losses in other sectors.”

Yes on Question 4 for earned sick time, because no one should have to choose between their health and their job. A million workers in Massachusetts cannot now earn a single hour of sick time. This measure provides employees the right to earn one hour of sick time per 30 hours worked. Earned sick time improves employee retention and productivity, and is good for our economy. It has proven beneficial for businesses large and small, and for employees across sectors.

We also urge your support for the Democratic ticket. Read our endorsements at jpprogressives.com.

On Nov. 4 vote “no-yes-yes-yes.” If you want to help, reach us at [email protected].

Anne M. Rousseau

Reuben Kantor


Jamaica Plain Progressives

Editor’s Note: Jamaica Plain Progressives is a local political activism organization.

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