Local activists to host anti-Olympics meeting Monday

Local activists will hold a public meeting on Monday for those interested in opposing Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, which proposes using Franklin Park for horse and pentathlon events.

Organized by veterans of such movements as Black Lives Matter and Occupy Boston, the meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Nov. 24 at First Baptist Church, 633 Centre St., according to several announcements via Twitter.

The Olympics bid is being arranged by a private committee called Boston 2024, and has proposed the use of Franklin Park and various other venues without public input or notice, as the Gazette reported earlier today.

The possible impacts on the historic park and all of Jamaica Plain have stirred outrage. “[Franklin Park designer] Frederick Law Olmsted did not create the crown jewel of the Emerald Necklace so billionaires could mow it down for profit,” tweeted JP resident and activist Robin Jacks today, calling for anti-Olympics protests.

An opposition organization called No Boston Olympics has been active, and the Ward 4 Democratic Committee last month voted to oppose the Olympics bid. However, the upcoming JP meeting appears to be the city’s first neighborhood meeting of any kind specifically about organizing against the Olympics.

Olympics proponents say that hosting the Games could bring an influx of funds to improve the city’s public transit, affordable housing and infrastructure. Critics say the Olympics have a proven record as money-losers that displace lower-income people and stick host cities with white-elephant structures, among other problems.

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