Letter: Airplane noise needs more complaints logged

With all the air traffic over the past few months of jets departing Runway 27 at Logan, many of us in JP are looking for a way to let Massport and the Federal Aviation Administration know that: 1) we are highly annoyed, and 2) our area is being unfairly burdened with almost daily, non-stop aircraft inundating our neighborhoods with loud overflight noise.

Most of us understand that Logan’s noise needs to be shared by all surrounding communities, including ours, but this day-in, day-out use of one runway combination out of Logan is unnecessary and needs to stop.

Please tell your readers that they can and should register their noise complaints by calling Massport’s Noise Complaint office at 617-561-3333.

The powers that be need to hear from everyone who is annoyed, and as often as possible.

Will Lyman

Jamaica Plain

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