Letter: Olympics would be a tragedy for common citizens

Who ever heard of discussing an issue after it has been decided? That is what just happened with the Olympics 2024 bid of Boston. Mayor Walsh will pay a steep price in the next election for the administration of the Olympics bid to date. Thanks to the Gazette for again showing exceptional leadership by vigorously protesting the procedures used so far in this elite dictate to all of us common citizens.

By happenstance, I traveled to Athens, London and Barcelona just before or just after the Olympics held in their cities. Only Athens was generally enthused about the Olympics being in their city; and the greatest enthusiasm flowed from the wholesale upgrade to the transit system, which was absolutely gorgeous. That the Olympics put Greece into the huge current debt crisis that it suffers from today is seldom mentioned.

We common citizens are being told what will happen here and our views be damned. The most we can expect to be able to do is advocate for less expensive, more sensible venues so that our taxes don’t rise and our post-Olympics debt burden is moderated somewhat. Horse venues should be placed where citizens will most appreciate them once the Olympics are over. Beverly, Andover and Easton come to mind, because the people there appreciate and own horses.

Franklin Park should be used exclusively for distance running events because no change whatsoever will be needed to accommodate them. The park is used by colleges and high schools for exactly those events now.

T upgrades will be most welcome; but the rest is a tragedy about to befall folks who don’t deserve the debt burden that will exist after the Olympics.

Anyone who forms an anti-Olympics group should be supported wholeheartedly. Thanks, John Ruch and Gazette staff, for again constructively leading the entire community.

Frank Stone

Jamaica Plain

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