Olympics organizers to meet with Franklin Park Coalition

A meeting has been scheduled between the Franklin Park Coalition (FPC) and Boston 2024, the private nonprofit heading Boston’s bid to host the 2024 summer Olympic games for March 5. Franklin Park is part of Boston 2024’s bid as a suggested venue for equestrian and pentathlon events for the Olympics and Paralympics.

According to a FPC newsletter emailed this morning, a meeting with Boston 2024 officials has been set so that community members will “have a chance to ask questions and engage in a community discussion about what this means for our park.”

“It took us a while [to talk with Boston 2024], but they’ve been lovely to us” in terms of arranging the meeting, said FPC Executive Director Christine Poff.

The meeting is scheduled for March 5, 6:30 p.m., at the Franklin Park Golf Clubhouse. The format will be an hour-long presentation from Boston 2024 followed by a question-and-answer period, Poff said.

It is not yet known which Boston 2024 officials will attend the meeting. But, Poff said, among those who have emailed with her directly are Boston 2024 President Richard Davey and chairman John Fish.

FPC originally considered having the opposition group No Boston Olympics attend the meeting and give a presentation as well, Poff said, but decided against it “because we need information” about the bid for starters. Further meetings may follow.

John Ruch contributed to this article.

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