2nd suspect charged in Centre St. murder

A second suspect has been charged in the Feb. 11 shooting death of Kenneth Lamour, a 21-year-old Hyde Park resident who was working as a snow-shoveler at 891 Centre St. at the time of his murder.

Donte Henley, 24, of South Boston allegedly “called in the hit” on Lamour, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Henley was arraigned today on a charge of murder.

Josiah Zachery, 18, of Hyde Park is charged in the case with the actual shooting. Prosecutors say Henley was working alongside Lamour on the snow-shoveling crew and texted Zachery with a message urging him to bring a gun to the scene and providing a description of Lamour. Zachery allegedly followed those instructions, shot Lamour, and then fired at a Boston Police officer while attempting to flee.

Prosecutors have not publicly discussed a motive for the killing. Lamour and Henley were performing the snow-removal work for Roca, an organization that assists at-risk young people who, according to its website, are “involved in crime, engaged in dangerous behaviors, have rejected help, have dropped out of school, and are simply too difficult for other programs to serve.”

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