IAG for 3200 Washington St. project formed

An Impact Advisory Group (IAG) for the proposed development on the 3190-3204 block of Washington Street between Montebello and Iffley roads has been created as a result of the developers filing a Letter of Intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA).

The proposed 76-unit, six- to seven-story development was proposed by developers Dan Mangiacotti and Paul Iantosca. Barring someone stepping down from the IAG or other unforeseen circumstances, the selection is final.

An IAG advises the BRA on how to mitigate neighborhood impacts of large-scale real estate projects.

Members of this project’s IAG are: Luis Cotto, the director of Egleston Square Main Streets, and Egleston Square residents Michael Iceland, Germa Belay, Sue Pranger, Ronald Hafers, Lizz Matos, Jose de la Rosa, Stephen Lussier, Kate Peppard, Pablo Calderon, Galen Nelson and Greg Mumford.

According to BRA spokesperson Nick Martin, members of the City Council, state Senators, and state Representatives that serve the impacted area have an opportunity to nominate people to participate on an IAG. The Mayor are ultimately selects the IAG members. The groups tend to have between 9 and 12 members, and the goal is to get a representative mix of residents, business owners, and designees of community organizations in the impacted area.

And while “there is not an application process per se, people should contact their elected officials if they’re interested in being involved in a particular project,” Martin said.

Egleston Square Neighborhood Association (ESNA) Housing Committee Chair Carolyn Royce told the Gazette that a community meeting to discuss the project originally scheduled for earlier this month was rescheduled for Feb. 25, after the Gazette’s deadline.

The developers are under agreement to buy the large brick building that is the former home of Economy Plumbing & Heating Supply Company, and the neighboring E&J Auto Tech, which is in still business.

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