FPC creating Olympics wish-list

The Franklin Park Coalition (FPC) is requesting community input for a wish-list to send to Olympic bid organizing committee Boston 2024.

“We always ask what people what to see in the park,” said FPC Executive Director Christine Poff. “It’s how our agenda is created. Franklin Park could use a good management plan and a lot of capital improvements. Maybe we could use [the Olympics conversation] to promote these agenda items.”

Franklin Park is pegged as an Olympics venue by Boston 2024. But FPC, a nonprofit park friends group, has struggled to get details on possible impacts and benefits.

An April 10 Gazette editorial suggested that locals make their own demands instead of waiting for answers, and the FPC has taken up that idea. It recently tweeted a link to the editorial and a request for ideas. Poff said there are no responses yet, but they remain welcome at [email protected]

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