Park group builds its list of Olympics questions

The Franklin Park Coalition is building its list of questions about the proposed Olympics use of the park, and hopes to meet with Boston 2024 about them soon. Some of those questions came from the FPC’s May 9 annual meeting.

“We are creating a list of questions to ask 2024 and will meet with them sometime in the coming weeks,” FPC Executive Director Christine Poff told the Gazette. “Until we engage more with 2024, there’s nothing to report out to the FPC community. But as soon as we have more info to share and discuss, we’ll schedule another open meeting.”

Those Olympics questions include: potential public transportation to and from the park; how long different areas of the park would be closed to the public; and what potential new buildings would be permanent.

Boston 2024 proposes using Franklin Park to host equestrian events and the modern pentathlon. The Olympic bid committee held a meeting about its proposal in Franklin Park in March, but was criticized by FPC and others for the lack of meaningful information.

The May 9 annual meeting was largely devoted to presenting the FPC’s annual report and choosing new board members, who include JP resident Emily Lowenberg.

While the Olympics bid was discussed, some attendees wished it got more attention. JP resident Chris Hoeh, who is involved in the NoBoston2024 Olympic protest movement, said he expected more venue maps and other bid details.

“It reminded me of Boston 2024 [hosted] meetings, where they only show you Olympic fairy dust” and no problems, Hoeh told the Gazette.

Poff said such details will come in the future Boston 2024 meeting.

“We are a tiny organization with tons on our plate,” she said. “The Olympics is very much on our minds, but we can’t devote 24/7 time to thinking about it. This is our busiest time of year.”

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