BRA board vote on Bartlett II delayed

The Bartlett II project was pulled from the agenda for the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) board meeting on Oct. 15 in order for the developer to address concerns over traffic impact and retail programming, according to BRA spokesperson Nick Martin.

Bartlett II is a proposal by local developer Chris DeSisto for a mixed-use building at 450-456 Amory St. that would have apartments, office space and ground-floor storefronts. The proposal is similar to the “Bartlett Square” building with its popular cafe at 154 Green St., created by DeSisto’s Mission Hill-based Maple Hurst Builders. The new project needs several zoning variances.

Desisto did not respond to a request for comment.

“There were last minute concerns raised about traffic impacts and how the retail space will be programmed,” said Martin in an email. “We’re going to work with the developer to make tweaks to the project and present final plans at a soon to be held community meeting. We expect that Bartlett Square II will be on the agenda for approval next month.”

The four-story building would include 15 rental apartments, two of them priced a City-determined affordable rate. A parking garage for nine to 10 cars is part of the plan, as well as six on-street spaces created by moving the sidewalk.

DeSisto and Maple Hurst have built many Jamaica Plain homes over the years, including the condo building at 131 Green St. on the other side of the T station.

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