Neighborhood group hires attorney over Bicon permit dispute

FOREST HILLS—The Yale Terrace Neighborhood Association has hired a lawyer in the dispute over Bicon Dental Implants’ occupancy permits.

Bicon, a 501 Arborway company, has stirred controversy in the area by demolishing a 19th century house at 21 Yale Terrace for a new development. The neighborhood association had tried to stop the company from doing that and has now started a concerted effort to have the City’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) yank Bicon’s occupancy permit. The neighbors say that Bicon operates a clinic and a lab without permits.

Bicon did not respond to a request for comment.

ISD has previously said that an inspection of the company was conducted in June and no violations were found. But Liz O’Connor of the Yale Terrace Neighborhood Association said that the group has never received a replay to its May letter documenting that Bicon operates without the proper permits.

That has prompted the group to hire lawyer Peter S. Brooks, who has sent an Oct. 28 letter to ISD requesting a response to the issues the group has raised.

“Along with the May 28 letter, my clients provided clear and uncontroverted evidence that Debbie, through its affiliate, Bicon Dental Implants, LLC, is carrying out uses at the property that are not permitted under the City of Boston zoning code,” Brooks writes in his letter to ISD.

ISD did not return a request for comment.

Bicon has a history of controversial expansions and operations that have drawn neighborhood complaints, City citations and City Council hearings.

Berta Berriz, the former owner of 21 Yale Terrace, says that she was “deceived” by a buyer who claimed to be a family-minded local grandmother, into selling the historic house to the neighboring Bicon Dental Implants. Berriz did not want to sell the house to Bicon.

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