BRA: A litmus test for the BRA

The 64 Allandale St. project is a litmus test for the Boston Redevelopment Authority—is it the old agency, working primarily for the rich and powerful developers in the city or is it the new, transparent organization that is responsive to the concerns of common citizens?

It appears that it is the former, as the 64 Allandale St. project is likely to be approved by the BRA board despite overwhelming vocal opposition. The BRA spokesperson says that letters to the agency were split down the middle. But shouldn’t the people who care enough to show up at the meetings count more than keyboard warriors? (See: irony.)

The opposition has expressed concerns over the density of the project and its impact on the Allendale Woods, including having three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half story townhouses towering over the historic springhouse. The developer has done zip to alleviate those concerns.

The BRA cites the fact the developer slightly enlarged the buzzer zone. She only did so after being forced to because of the state ruling on the Wetlands Protect Act.

Some proponents say that the proposal brings much needed housing to the city and dense projects, such as the Springhouse Senior Living development, already surround Allandale Woods. Well, the last thing this city needs is more million-dollar housing units and dense projects like the Springhouse at least gave something back, with conservation easements increasing the size of Allandale Woods.

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