76 Stonley Road project filed with the BRA

Developers John Morrissey and Bryan Austin formally filed the 76 Stonley Road project with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, a project which left community members wary about in its initial planning stages last year.

A project notification form (PNF) was submitted on April 20 by Lucio Trabucco, the architect on the project. The site is situated on 14,134 square feet of land and would involve the demolition of an one-story structure and the removal of a paved parking area in order to construct a four-to-five-story, 31-unit residential structure with parking for 23 vehicles. The proposed development requires a variance from the Boston Zoning Code with regard to parking, since the requirement is 46.5 spaces.

The proposed building will contain 40,940 square feet with five units designated as affordable. At market rate, there will be 4 one-bedroom units, 21 two-bedroom units, and 1 three-bedroom unit.

Members of Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) expressed concerns last year about the development after meeting with the developers.

At the time, the proposal called for a five-story building with 32 units on top of a parking garage that would be partially built underground. That garage, which would have 22 parking spaces, would have made the building more like a five-and-a-half-story structure, though the height would change as it would be built on a slope.

The SNA did not respond to a request for comment on the PNF.

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