Jackson Rec Center changes filed with BPDA

Jackson Square Partners have filed a notifce of project change (NPC) with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) for the Jackson Square Recreation Center.

About 11 acres of land in Jackson Square is being redeveloped by the Jackson Square Partners, which includes Mitchell Properties, the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC) and Urban Edge. The first project, an apartment building at 225 Centre St., was completed in 2013. Urban Edge, a community development corporation, will be developing the recreation center project.

The NPC has two main changes: The recreation center is now proposed to be two full stories with a mezzanine, as before it was only poposed to be one story with a mezzanine. The added floor will allow the center to have a indoor ice rink along with a yearround turf field on the second level.

The second main change is that developer is in the process of acquiring a piece of adjacent land from the City that will modify the lot area and other dimensions of the project.

“The proposed yearround recreation center will serve as an accessible, affordable, and multi-use facility for the neighborhoods adjacent to the Jackson Square sections of Roxbury and Jamaica

Plain as well as nearby underserved inner city neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roslindale, Mission Hill, the South End and Mattapan, with an emphasis on providing athletic programs and activities

for the youth and families of the community,” states the NPC. “Inner city residents can easily access the proposed recreational center by public transit given its location in a transportation hub in Jackson Square.”

For more information about the changes, visit bit.ly/2ian41b.

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