Grass Fed at Forest Hills closes

Grass Fed’s second location at Forest Hills was shortly lived, and closed suddenly on Jan. 8. It had opened in 2016.

Krista Kranyak Chalfin, the owner, said she sold the Forest Hills location because it was too close to the Centre Street location. The other Grass Fed is located about a mile away, at 605 Centre St.

Kranyak says that she recently signed an offer to sell the Forest Hills location and that there are still more details to be worked out.

JP residents can expect to find the Centre Street location alive and well.

“My focus now is to get more involved with the two restaurants I have, Grass Fed Centre Street and Ten Tables,” Kranyak said. “Ten Tables celebrated its 15th year of being in business this January. Grass Fed is celebrating its 5th year of being in business this April. I’m very proud of these restaurants and the teams I work with at both places. I love being in JP.”

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