A year remembrance for Michael Colgan

Michael Colgan was born in 1944 in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin and died on May 3, 2016 at Milton Hospice.

Michael grew up in Birmingham, England before arriving in America at 24 years old. He lived in various places in the United States, including in Hyannis (where he served as bar back), in Stanford, Conn., and in New Orleans (where he served as head manager of a restaurant for 12 years).

In 2005, Michael was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. He rarely spoke of the incident because it brought great pain. He lost his home and two dear cats.

Michael eventually moved to Boston and lived at the Barbara Root’s house on Sumner Hill. He was known as “the British gentleman” on the front porch of the house, as he greeted people as they went by. The house cat, Penelope, became his best friend and spent many hours with him day and night on the porch and in his room.

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