DCR reviewing comments, petition on dog park proposals

The state Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is currently reviewing comments and a petition over proposed dog parks within the Southwest Corridor Park.

DCR held a public meeting on Aug. 2 to present the different proposals on a potential off-leash dog recreation area within Southwest Corridor Park. According to DCR, the sites considered were evaluated for size, characteristics, proximity to public transit, and impact on abutters of surrounding properties. The three dog park site proposals from DCR include Site A at Green Street and Oakdale/Lawndale Terrace, Site B opposite Evy Tea on Amory Street, and Site C at Stonybrook Station adjacent to Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School. For more information about the different sites, visit bit.ly/2wfmHqf and view the presentation.

Tracey O’Brien said that a petition with 74 signatures against Site A was delivered to DCR on Aug. 21. O’Brien, along with Weezy Waldstein, who delivered the petition, and Steve Michener, created the petition.

The petition reads:

We the undersigned, oppose the DCR proposal to locate a dog park along the linear area that runs along Oakdale Street, referenced in the DCR proposal as “Site A.” Although many of us are dog owners, and support the creation of a dog park, we do not feel that Site A is the optimal choice for the following reasons:

  • The proposal effectively interrupts and blocks off a significant section of the linear park that is heavily traveled by pedestrians, joggers, and families with children.
  • Site A is in direct proximity to the Johnson Playground, which includes several large recreational elements, including basketball courts, a tot lot, a spray pool and adjacent baseball field. At the other end of the proposed site is a heavily utilized skateboard park, as well as another tot lot, community garden and tennis courts. Fencing off this area disrupts the flow of people between these various recreational elements. Additionally, these uses already draw much foot and car traffic, as well as noise. A very large dog park does not mix well with the existing uses of the area.
  • Site A is directly adjacent to a residential neighborhood with a number of multifamily dwellings. It would have a significant impact on the quality of life for abutters, on issues such as noise, aesthetic appearance of fencing, use of the park for other activities, and traffic and parking.

According to DCR, it is reviewing the hundreds of public comments and a petition it received following a public meeting held on Aug. 2, where the agency and its consultants presented proposals and obtained public opinion on a potential off-leash dog recreation area within Southwest Corridor Park. According to DCR, once the agency and its consultants review all public outreach and assess proposed designs accordingly, the agency will coordinate a public meeting later this year.



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