Real Estate Today: Developer continues to work on Bartlett II proposal

The developer for the proposed Bartlett II development at 450-456 Amory St. continues to work on a revision to the project.

The developer, Chris DeSisto, told the Gazette he is still “working out some issues” with the proposal, but hopes to “resolve them sometime soon.” He said there is no timeframe to when he will re-file the project with the City.

The then Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the original Bartlett II development in 2015. That project would have been a 24,000-square-foot building, including 5,700 square feet of retail and 15 rental apartments, two of them priced a City-determined affordable rate. The ZBA granted five variances for the project: residential use, excessive floor area ratio, insufficient rear yard, insufficient off-street parking, and excessive height.

Kevin Walker, who owns a property at 157 Green Street, which abuts the proposed Bartlett II project, filed the lawsuit against DeSisto and the City’s Zoning Board of Appeals in 2016 through attorney Paul Lane in the Suffolk Superior Court. The 157 Green St. building currently houses a division of Arbour Health System, which provides counseling services there.

The lawsuit sought to overturn the variances for the project and for attorney fees. The parties involved filed a stipulation of dismissal last year and it was filed with prejudice and without costs. DeSisto said afterwards that he plans to revise and then re-file the project with the City.


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