We need safer streets, part II

We were pleased by the positive response to our recent letter (“We Need Safer Streets,” September 28). For example, we learned that speed humps are installed through the “Neighborhood Slow Streets program,” which will have another application cycle in 2019.

However, this morning, on our tricycle ride to Forest Hills Station, we saw yet another car crash.

We need action now, before it’s too late. The planning process needs to be accelerated, and the cars need to slow down.Philip Lederer

Joseph Lederer, Age 3

Jamaica Plain residents

Where is Nika Elugardo in denouncing hate speech?

In a September 14, 2018 letter to the editor Nika Elugardo supporter Julia Koehler offensively wrote, “I grew up learning in school that the actions of the Nazi regime were possible only because opportunists preferred to go along in order to save their careers, and because people looked away instead of acknowledging the regime’s crimes. My personal interpretation is that Mr. Sanchez prioritized his own career and Speaker DeLeo’s wishes, over his knowledge of the persecution of undocumented families.”

Where is Representative-elect Nika Elugardo denouncing this hateful and obviously racist characterization of Jeffrey Sanchez? Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez has had more of a positive impact upon immigrants, people of color and working-class families in Jamaica Plain and Mission Hill than this elitist will ever make or even understand. To make such degrading comments about a homegrown community leader, dedicated public servant husband and father are truly despicable. Maybe Ms. Koehler should go back to school and learn something about American politics and civility—then, and maybe only then will she have the understanding necessary to speak about a subject she obviously knows nothing about.

As for Nika—where is the so-called progressive leader who sought to represent all of the community? Taking a pass before you are even sworn in?

Don Gillis

Jamaica Plain resident

Infrastructure? What’s that?

When the next bridge collapses, the next train derails because of antiquated signals and safeguards, the next shut down of our electrical grid or catastrophic hack into our electoral or defense systems, we will naturally ask how did this happen? What about the commitment to our INFRASTRUCTURE? Why weren’t private corporations ponying up to help us with such pressing issues, thereby helping to offset the impact on our unprecedented and climbing deficit. The President seemed so confident they would.

Oh, that’s right, we had to give our total focus to the invading refugees, America’s version of ISIS … only without weapons, vehicles, sinister looking flags, or even ill-intentions.

Michel L. Spitzer

Jamaica Plain resident


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