Letters : Impeachment “Hopefully”

Dear Editor, 

The New York Times reports that, as of June 28, Rep. Stephen Lynch says this about a House impeachment inquiry: “I favor continuing our investigations to gather more evidence to hopefully persuade the necessary votes in the Senate.” It seems that he doesn’t support an actual impeachment inquiry. This is unfortunate, to put it simply.

The GOP-controlled Senate will not supply the “necessary votes” for any meaningful action where Donald Trump is concerned. Congressman Lynch must know that. His word “hopefully” all but admits that this is essentially a fantasy.

There’s no need here to repeat the case for an impeachment investigation. From his whimsical toying with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, to the Mueller Report’s clear statement that he has likely committed multiple obstructions of justice, Trump collects impeachable offenses like mistresses. He can’t stop himself. The House of Representatives has the power, and the obligation, to act accordingly and responsibly.

While “Waiting for Godot” remains a landmark of modern drama, “Waiting Hopefully for McConnell” isn’t even a summer-camp skit. I urge Congressman Lynch to join the eighty-one Members as of July 8, including four others in the Massachusetts delegation, who have declared themselves ready to take the initiative that House leaders, miserably, have walked away from.

Last: if not for the Massachusetts Congressional redistricting following the 2010 census, my Member of Congress would be Ayanna Pressley. And I would be happy not to be writing this letter.


David Miller

Jamaica Plain

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