Esteeming Our Elders

Marion B. Davis, President of Self Esteem Boston presents the Skills for Building Confidence curriculum in 6 languages to Claribette Del Rosario, Mental Health Services Program Manager at Ethos, to deliver Self Esteem Boston’s self-esteem and life skills curriculum for the Ethos service area.   Del Rosario was trained and Qualified to deliver Self Esteem Boston’s curriculum through a grant to Self Esteem Boston from the Cummings Foundation. For 26 years, Self Esteem Boston has worked in partnership with human service providers to offer self-esteem training and education for both clients and providers. Ethos is a nonprofit based in Jamaica Plain specializing in care management, volunteer-based support and nutrition services in southwest Boston; And serves communities across Boston with community cafes and meals on wheels, the operation of 43 Community Cafes across the city of Boston. For more information about Self Esteem Boston go to:, For information about Ethos, go

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