Elugardo Endorses Dr. Goldstein in his Bid for Congress

This week, State Rep. Nika Elugardo (D-Boston) endorsed Dr. Robbie Goldstein’s campaign for Congress. Dr. Goldstein looks to unseat long-term congressman Stephen Lynch in the Massachusetts 8th Congressional district, citing a need for more public health officials in Congress as healthcare is consistently the number one issue for voters. 

Elugardo’s district comprises communities in Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Brookline and Roslindale, and overlaps with the 8th Congressional District. She has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2018. Elugardo’s endorsement comes at a time when Boston is effectively shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlights the need to send more public health experts to Washington. 

“It is my honor to endorse Dr. Robbie Goldstein in his campaign for the Massachusetts 8th Congressional District. Robbie’s experience bringing structural change to large institutions and expertise as an Infectious Disease physician is ever more critical as we try to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and other urgent healthcare issues,” said Elugardo. “It’s clear we need to have more medical professionals at the table when making decisions about public health and wellbeing.”

Elugardo’s endorsement of Dr. Goldstein’s campaign signifies a growing movement to elect new leaders that have more focus on opportunity, equity, and smart healthcare policy for all Americans.

“As a legislator whose district overlaps with the MA-8, I can attest that Robbie is the progressive leader we need in Congress. He understands what issues are most critical to voters, including housing and transportation, protecting our coastal towns from the impact of a rapidly changing climate, and ending the opioid epidemic. Robbie will not just support these issues, but will champion them as a sharp and innovative leader.” 

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