Fundraiser Underway to Bring Holiday Cheer to Robert Lawson Park

Magda Drici and Carolyn Royce are organizing a fundraiser to raise money on behalf of the  Robert Lawson Park Friends group and the Egleston Square Neighborhood Association (ESNA) to bring holiday cheer to the Robert Lawson Park this  season. The money will be used to wrap the trees located within the park with holiday lights.

     This is to be enjoyed by the entire community, including but not limited to  the business district patrons,  all the residents of the surrounding area, visitors, and such. The Egleston Square commercial district, residents, and many community groups are in dire need of positive and uplifting change, and have all been working very hard to try to achieve it. Our collective goal this year to bring holiday and seasonal lighting to Egleston Square is aligned with the hope that this will increase positive activities in this area, and attract more business for various mom and pop shops on Columbus Ave and Washington Street for the holiday season.

     Our current goal is to raise $3,425. by Thanksgiving 2020.  We have already raised more than $1,400. with  previous donations,  and are now starting our own page in order for this project to hopefully flourish in time for the holiday season.  All and any funds raised will be used to fund  holiday lighting in the Park. 

     Your support is extremely appreciated.


     The Robert Lawson Park Friend’s Group ,  led the fight to transform a city lot into the beautiful garden/park now known as the Robert G.  Lawson Park in Egleston Square. The improvements to Lawson Park have made the area more visible, attractive and positive for everyone. The hard work and dedication of the community and the neighborhood partners has made significant progress towards a better quality of life in Egleston.  We united our community through dedicated outreach efforts to neighbors, businesses, elected officials, city services, non-profit partners and more.  This beautiful park is today a welcome improvement to the busy commercial district and never would have happened without the support of our community. Egleston Square has been struggling more  lately with many challenges, including housing displacement, and minority owned and local businesses struggling to survive in light of the pandemic.   Beautiful lights in Lawson Park will give us all a lift! 

     Lawson Park is named after Robert Lawson, whose family continues to operate the minority owned Lawson’s Barbershop and Beauty Salon in Egleston Square.

            Follow us on Facebook @LawsonParkBoston contact us at [email redacted].

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