JP’s Home Basix to take Advantage of City’s SimpliSafe Security System Program

In late October, Mayor Walsh announced a partnership between Boston-based security system company SimpliSafe and the City’s Office of Economic Development to provide 250 security systems plus one year of free monitoring services to small businesses across the City.

     “Boston’s small businesses are the lifeblood of our neighborhoods, and have faced incredible challenges as they serve their communities during this time,” Mayor Walsh said in a statement. “The City of Boston is thrilled to partner with SimpliSafe to bring security systems to businesses who need assistance, and I thank them for their leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing support for Boston’s small businesses.”

     Oliver Baez, who bought home goods store Home Basix on Centre St. in March of this year, was one of the first businesses to inquire about the SimpliSafe program. He said he heard it from the Executive Director of JP Centre/South Main Streets, which has been working hard to serve small businesses in Jamaica Plain throughout the pandemic.

     “Given that we didn’t have any security system before, I thought it would be a good idea to explore state of the art technology…” Baez told the Gazette. He said that he has not had any issues with security, but surrounding businesses have, so he figured he’d jump on this opportunity.

     “It was extremely easy,” he said of the city’s application process to get a security system. “I felt like I didn’t have to do much to get equipment thanks to the Executive Director [of JP Centre/South Main Streets and the process from the city,” Baez said.

     When the Gazette spoke with Baez, he said his system had not yet been installed, but he said it would be very shortly and includes things like motion sensors, alarms, and door sensors.

     According to the city, the systems are “curated for business owners’ unique needs…” and each system is valued at more than $800.

     “We know that small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and stay afloat during this time, and that is especially true of businesses in Boston,” Christian Cerda, Chief Executive Officer at SimpliSafe, said in a statement. “With our headquarters in Downtown Crossing, we feel compelled to help fellow Boston-based businesses in our neighborhood and beyond. While we can’t alleviate all of the difficulties they’re facing, we can ensure that one of their most basic needs are met — their security. The City of Boston is an instrumental partner in distributing these systems. They have personal relationships in neighborhoods throughout the city and together, we’re able to give strapped business owners one less thing to worry about.”

     Baez said he would like to thank the City of Boston as well as SimpliSafe “for making this possible.” He said it is a “tremendous resource for small businesses who can’t afford to secure their businesses.”

            For more information on this program, visit Interested businesses should email [email protected] with their business owner’s name, business address, and contact information before December 31.

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