JP Movie Night Starts Feb. 15

In time for Valentines’, JP’s Brassica Kitchen and Cafè and JP Movie Night have teamed up for a February 15 through 18 streaming of the local documentary “The Year We Thought About Love.” 

 Directed by Ellen Brodsky, “The Year We Thought About Love” is a documentary that focuses on a Boston-based group of LGBTQ youth of color as they band together and dare to be “out” on stage about their lives and their loves. The cast transforms their personal struggles into performance for social change. It’s a moving and inspiring documentary and a real Valentine’s Day gift for us all.

To complement the film all ticket buyers will get a 10% discount code on Brassica orders placed on either Feb 17 and 18 (Brassica is open Wednesdays through Sundays). 

 “Brassica is all about creativity, in the kitchen but in all aspects of our experience.” says restaurant manager Rebecca Kean. “So partnering with an organization and a film which celebrates that makes perfect sense.”

 Additionally, as they do with every film they host, on Thursday, February 18, 7 p.m.  JPMN will have a lively Question and Answer. On the docket will be the filmmaker, Ellen Brodsky – and a few of the terrific young people who tell their stories in the film.

Founded in late 2018, JP Movie Night shows independent films – from directors under represented in the mainstream (women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community). It is a community-focused organization whose mission is to bring people of all backgrounds together through a love of great film. As a value-added, filmmakers are usually present for a post-screening Q&A for feedback and lively dialogue about their film. 

“I love the neighborhood feel of JP Movie Night, and how amazingly they went virtual, while still maintaining a sense of community and a commitment to share local films!” Said Brodsky. “I’m grateful they are a resource to amplify the voices of the young people in our film.”

 Tickets for “The Year We Thought About Love” are available for $10 via the JP Movie Night

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