ZBA Approves New Unit in Basement at 87-89 West Walnut Drive

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on Tuesday approved the proposal at 87-89 West Walnut Dr. to change the occupancy of the existing building from a two family to a three family. The basement will include living space ad a walk-out unit will be constructed for the basement level.

Applicant James Christopher said that the new unit will be a two bedroom, 900 square foot unit. He said that re-grading will be done on the right side of the building, after which a new walkway will be constructed. The new unit will have new full size windows at the walkway, and there is a new parking area and retaining wall also proposed for the property.

Christopher also said that the existing seven foot six ceiling height will be kept, and the window height from floor to sill is two foot six on the walkway.

Tiffani Caballero of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services said that the applicant presented this proposal before the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, which voted to approved based on the fact that the proponent work certain issues out with the abutters, “particularly around groundwater management,” she said. Caballero also said that they Mayor’s Office is in support of the project. The ZBA voted to approve the proposal as submitted

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