Sgt. John Dougherty of E13 retires

       Sgt. John Dougherty, the Community Service Supervisor for the Jamaica Plain branch of the Boston Police Dept., has announced his retirement.

       The Gazette received countless emails regarding the sergeant’s work in the community.

       “Sgt. Dougherty has been a friend and advocate of JP Centre/South Main Streets for many years,” said Executive Dir. Ginger Brown. “We will miss his professionalism and dedication.”

Sgt. John Dougherty

       “John was a good man and good police officer,” said Michel Soltani, owner of the Brendan Behan Pub. “He was always a good listener, and I really enjoyed working with him.”

       “Sgt. Dougherty has been a valued partner in addressing public safety in housing sites,” said Shumeane Benford of the Boston Housing Authority. “We truly appreciate his service.”

       “I have lived in Egleston Square for eight years, and I witnessed [Sgt. Dougherty’s] amazing dedication to our community,” said resident Magda Drici. “His professionalism and prompt follow-up always made me feel extremely safe and at ease.”

       “Sgt. Dougherty was always available to answer questions,” said David Ertischek of the Jamaica Plain News. “He’s been a wonderful part of our community.”

       “I appreciate the tone that Sgt. Dougherty set for the Community Service Office,” said Jennifer Leonard, co-chair of the Southwest Corridor Park Management Advisory Committee (PMAC). “In a time when everyone is dealing with complicated public safety issues, I appreciate his approach to calmly working through issues.”

       “Sgt. Dougherty was a great representative of the Community Service Officers of E-13,” said Susan Pranger and Carolyn Royce of the Egleston Square Neighborhood Association. “He promoted solutions in which the police are partners with the community.”

       “It was an honor to work with Sgt. Dougherty through the JP Hub,” said Geneva Gann of the BMC Co-Response Program. “He is a wonderfully committed individual with dynamic ideas for supporting people at risk in the community.”

       The sergeant’s community connections wished him the best of luck in his retirement.

       “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve and protect the greatest city in America,” Sgt. Dougherty said in an email.

       He added that he would remain available to E-13 staff for any questions they may have.

       Stepping up as the Supervisor of the Community Service Office is Sgt. Ryan Cunningham.

       “He will help to lead our officers as they continue to serve our neighbors,” Sgt. Dougherty commented.

            Sgt. Cunningham will be taking over the monthly Police and Community Relations Meeting, along with Officers Patricia Darosa and Carlos Martinez.

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