JPNC Zoning Committee Approves Two Projects

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) Zoning Committee met virtually on June 8 and approved two matters, one at 19 Spalding St. #3, and one at 7 Boylston St.

19 Spalding St. #3

Hudson Klebs, owner of 19 Spalding St. #3 has proposed to do a gut renovation of the existing third floor kitchen, bedroom, and dining room, as well as convert the existing attic space into a master bedroom with a bathroom to add approximately 200 square feet to the approximately 915 square foot unit.

Klebs said that the attic space is currently unfinished and used for storage as well as an AC unit. In order to access the new living space, a new interior staircase will have to be built from the third floor up to the attic space, replacing the existing pull down ladder.

The proposed bedroom and bathroom would be located in the center part of the attic space, and the AC unit would be moved over slightly. In between the two rooms would be two closets with doors, and Klebs said that the bedroom and bathroom area “doesn’t fully extend to either end of the building.”

In addition, four skylights are being proposed for the attic level, but no other modifications to the exterior of the building are proposed. Klebs said that the owners of the other units In the building have expressed support for this project.

The committee voted to approve the project.

7 Boylston St.

Attorney Kyle Smith, who once sat on the JPNC but has since moved to Westwood, proposed a project at 7 Boylston St. on behalf of the owners.

The project includes replacing the rear deck and front porch, as well as replacing the roof and building two new roof dormers, finishing the attic space, installing vinyl siding, and creating two off-street parking spaces.

The building is currently a two family home and will remain a two family home, with the second unit occupying the second and third floors, and unit one will occupy the first floor.

In the third floor attic space, the owners want to add a master bedroom with an ensuite, another bedroom, a small office space, and a half bathroom.

Shed dormers are proposed for the attic level that would run “from front to back on either side of the pitch line,” Smith said, but the height of the building will not change.

Smith said that many of the surrounding homes on Boylston St. have curb cuts with driveways like the one being proposed here. He said that the driveway would be slightly wider than nine feet across, which was a concern for some committee members and brought up discussion of another matter heard at the last two hearings for a curb cut and driveway on Union Ave.

“I just don’t see that parking being adequate for two spaces,” said committee member Bernie Doherty. “I could see one right at the front.”

Smith said compact vehicle spaces are seven and a half feet wide, and this proposed driveway is very similar to those of the surrounding homes.

Roman Dvoskin, owner of 5 Boiylston St., which he said he rents out to two tenants but does not live in himself, said that “we share a chain link fence between 5 and 7.”

He said he had a few concerns with this proposal, but Smith has allayed them. He said he was worried about noise from the construction disrupting his tenants, but he said that Smith told him noise will not be an issue with the contractor that has been chosen.

Dvoskin also said he had concerns about water from the downspouts, but he has been assured that it will be taken care of properly and proper materials will also be used for the driveway, which will abut his property.

He said he was also concerned about the width of the proposed driveway, but “I’ve been assured that if the chain link fence gets interrupted, the fence will be restored.” He said that as a direct abutter, he is in support of this project.

Committee member Omer Hecht also said he was in support. “I think this is a great project,” he said, but added that he had concerns about the discussion for this driveway versus the one proposed on Union Ave.

“I did not agree with the committee’s decision of the narrowness of the driveway on Union Ave.,” said Committee Chair Dave Baron. He said that the group talks about off-street parking “all the time,” and he is in support of this proposal.

The committee voted to approve this as presented.

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