Jamaica Plain shootings nearly on par with 2021

On Thursday, Sept. 1, the Jamaica Plain Branch of the Boston Police Department hosted its monthly community relations meeting remotely on Zoom. The meeting is an opportunity for residents to ask questions of local law enforcement.

Attendees received year-to-date Part One crime statistics compiled by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC). Part One crimes include burglary, robbery, assault, larceny, auto theft, rape and homicide. They don’t include lesser offenses like vandalism, drug dealing or possession of firearms.

Compared to this time last year, Part One crime is up 2 percent across the city but up 24 percent in Jamaica Plain. Crimes that saw an uptick in Jamaica Plain compared to 2021 were robbery, domestic and non-domestic assault, burglary, larceny and auto theft. The only crime that saw a decrease was rape. The homicide rate remained the same.

The number of shooting victims is down nearly 13 percent across the city compared to September of 2021, and down 1 percent in Jamaica Plain, with eight shooting victims this year. Districts with more shooting victims were Roxbury (33), Mattapan (34), Dorchester (25), and South Boston (9).

The police and community relations meeting is on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Go to meet.google.com/hgf-fdjq-cui or dial 617-675-4444 and enter the passcode 837 505 064 4015#.

BPD depends on residents to report crimes. A crime in progress can be reported to 911. Knowledge of a completed crime can be reported anonymously to 800-494-8477 or by texting “Tip” to 27463.

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