Ukrainian refugees and other students in crisis to receive $200,000 in scholarship support

Special to the Gazette    

In collaboration with the Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF), the Mosakowski Family Foundation has made a $100,000 gift to students displaced by the war in Ukraine to enroll in Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of Boston. This gift was made in response to the number of Ukrainian refugees seeking quality education and support provided by Catholic schools increases and scholarship funding for the year from both schools and the Catholic Schools Foundation has already been committed.

     In addition to the $100,000 gift, the Mosakowski Family Foundation pledged an additional $50K to serve as a match to encourage others to support CSF’s emergency fund. The emergency fund will be used to support the Ukrainian students as well as provide tuition assistance for families of K-12 students enrolled in Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of Boston who are experiencing unforeseen circumstances. These combined efforts will provide $200,000 to those displaced by the war in Ukraine and other families in crisis.

     The pain and stress of fleeing from one’s own home as a refugee is something most people could never imagine. For Max, 15, this is a reality. He and his family were forced to flee from their home in Ukraine at the start of the war. After a period of living in Spain, Max’s family was taken in by another family of once-refugees in Boston who had fled from Eastern Europe in the early 90s. Despite the challenges he faced this year, Max will now be attending Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury as a 10th grader after being connected with the school and receiving tuition assistance from the Catholic Schools Foundation and the Mosakowski Family Foundation. Thanks to the support he has received from Catholic Memorial and the community, and the Catholic Schools Max now can grow and learn in a high-quality academic and supportive environment.

     In addition to Max, eight additional students from Ukraine are receiving scholarship support from the Catholic Schools Foundation and the Mosakowski Family Foundation to enroll in CSF-sponsored schools including Saint Mary’s High School in Lynn, Sacred Heart School in Lynn and Saint Joseph Preparatory High School in Brighton. There are more students like Max and additional need is anticipated. Through the month of October, a gift to CSF will be doubled up to $50K from the Mosakowski Family Foundation, whose leadership giving is pivotal to responding to this urgent situation.

     When asked about the need for support, the Mosakowski Family Foundation told us “The Mosakowski Family Foundation strongly believes education is an essential ingredient for those seeking a better life. Ukrainian families and especially children have faced the worst conflict in Europe since the 1940’s. They have become refugees in their own nation and throughout the world. As these families arrive in greater Boston they seek the stability, support and education which Catholic schools have long provided to other disadvantaged populations. The Catholic Schools Foundation will ensure these funds will support this recent wave of dislocated students and families. Our family currently supports schools in Poland to address the surge of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian students throughout the country. As many families from Ukraine now reach our own shores, we knew it was time to do the same in the Boston area. We are grateful to have CSF lead this initiative.”

     “The impact and leadership of the Mosakowski Family Foundation will have a direct and meaningful impact on these students and families in crisis.” Says Mike Reardon, Executive Director of the Catholic Schools Foundation. “Catholic schools provide a place of stability and support for families in need.

     Unfortunately, as the Ukrainian crisis has unfolded and economic challenges persist, CSF has not been able to fully meet the demand for support. This gift will allow CSF to respond to these needs better and on a larger scale. We’re optimistic donors will respond to this gift positively and take it as an opportunity to join in supporting in-need students.”

              The campaign to support Ukrainian students and CSF’s emergency fund is ongoing until the end of October. Those interested in supporting CSF and The Mosakowski Family Foundation are encouraged to visit

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