Taking a Cold Plunge for a Good Cause

Last Saturday morning was a little snowy, slushy, and around 35 degrees, perfect for a dip into the Atlantic Ocean. Hearty and game for anything, members of local Rotary clubs joined in the festivities at the East Boston Yacht Club. A buffet of local cuisine was offered to the group gathering for the event.

It was not just the water that was the problem, it was the very, very, cold water. Mike Cataldo and the other plungers hurried out and grabbed a towel during last week’s Rotary Plunge at the East Boston Yacht Club.

The Belle Isle Rotary Club consists of members from Winthrop, Revere and East Boston and the co-sponsoring Parkway Rotary Club has members from West Roxbury, Roslindale and Jamaica Plain, the clubs combined to host the first annual plunge. As a precaution a Boston EMT was on hand in case of any unexpected emergencies, so with everyone game for a dip, the weather was perfect and the ramp into the ocean was cleared for take-off.

There were no emergencies, all enjoyed a robust swim in the cold Atlantic in March. All retired to the club house and continued the day celebrating the day in fellowship and making plans for future events. The clubs would like to thank the East Boston Yacht Club for their generosity and all those who came to make the event a very successful one.

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