Happy 201st Birthday, Frederick Law Olmsted!

Sunrise to Sunset 201st Birthday Program was held on April 26.

The program had Mr. Olmsted began on the Western side of Jamaica Pond, walked around Jamaica Pond and walked into Olmsted Park.

Mr. Olmsted walked back into Jamaica Pond Park up the steps to Pinebank Point.

He then walked back to Centre Street and had breakfast and a meeting.

Mr. Olmsted then returned to Jamaica Pond at the Boat House and Gazebo.

Another walk into Olmsted Park where he circled Wards Pond and then climbed 59 steps to Jamaica Way.

He walked to 36 Perkins Street, a historic building and waited for his ride to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Here he had been invited to join the gathering of the members and guests of the committee for the restoration of the Muddy River!

After this gathering he accepted a ride back to Jamaica Pond and watched the stars above the Pond, Followed by a walk back to another historic home at 39 St. John Street.

“Mr. Olmsted will be a tired old man.  However he will have been amidst the trees, the waters and the skies which he shared with others across America and beyond.”

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