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Lobby Day at State House

To the Editor,

On Thursday, May 4, MassCare for Medicare for All in Massachusetts held a Lobby Day at the State House. After hearing our JP Rep. Sam Montano, and Lead Sponsor Jamie Eldridge, over 70 volunteers for Medicare for All/Single Payer health coverage fanned out to inform and lobby their legislatures. New interest was generated, new co-sponsors were added, many more legislators are interested and follow-up is happening.

Jamaica Plain residents had the opportunity last November to vote for MassCare’s Medicare for All/universal healthcare initiative for Massachusetts and 88% voted YES . It passed handily in all 20 districts it ran in across the state.

Health Care as a Human Right is NOT the view in the United States. The US is the ONLY country which privatizes health delivery in the entire developed world, pursuing Health Care for profit (unneeded insurance middlemen, unregulated pharmaceutical companies, monopolization of large hospitals over community access) rather than as a common good (similar to public education, safe roads, the postal service). The results are increasingly disastrous for families in Mass. (the average family of 4 premium reached $21,000 last year), medical debt is skyrocketing (41% in Mass have some medical debt), community hospitals are closing, and nurses are in shorter and shorter supply.

It is in the interest of all Jamaica Plain residents to get on board with this effort, which would save Massachusetts from the health care nightmare we are experiencing now and serve as a model for the rest of the country to follow.

The National Bills for Medicare for All will be filed in Washington on May 16 as we continue to pursue health rights in Mass. Find out how to get involved at MassCare.org.

Ellen Israel, BSN, CNM, MPH and

Bruce Fleischer, JP Progressive Steering Committee and Mass Care

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