Gov. Maura Healey Signs FY24 Budget

Special to the Gazette

On August 9, Governor Healey signed a $55.98 billion state budget for FY24. This fiscal year’s budget included monumental investments in education, workforce development, health and other key areas. Aiming at making Massachusetts more affordable, this is the first budget delivered by the Healey-Driscoll administration.

Filed by Senator Liz Miranda, over $2.4 million dollars of the FY24 state budget directly benefits the 2nd Suffolk district and its businesses, including, but not limited to those in the below chart.

The $1 Million fund allocated in the FY24 budget for a Maternal Health Fund aims to support the creation and infrastructure of non-profit freestanding birth centers, health care facilities that provide midwife-led care for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. This investment is a critical first step to addressing the current and severe racial disparities of birthing options in Massachusetts.

FY24 State Budget Highlights:

• Black Economic Council of Massachusetts – $500,000

• Metco, Inc. – $29,400,000

• Community Servings – $100,000

Other important files directly impacting the 2nd Suffolk include No Cost Calls, LGBTQ+ Senior Housing, and the Student Opportunity Plan. No Cost Calls maximizes phone calls and enables access to video calls and tablets for our incarcerated constituents and their families. The Healey-Driscoll administration supported extending the implementation date by five months to make sure the policy can be implemented in FY24. LGBTQ+ Senior Housing funds aim to facilitate access to welcoming, safe, and affordable housing for low-income LGBTQ seniors through the development of affordable housing; including housing services and programming that addresses the needs of LGBTQ seniors. The Student Opportunity Plan includes in-state tuition for all residents regardless of immigration status, free community college for students and nursing students over the age of 25 and makes universal free school meals permanent.

Senator Miranda, along with Senator Crighton (D-Lynn), is proud to have filed and advocated for in-state tuition for residents regardless of immigration status.

Public Housing Youth Centers$75,000
One Love Sports Academy Inc. – Youth Violence Prevention$30,000
Maternal Health Equity Fund$1M
Mission Hill Playshed$30,000
We Are Better Together Warren Daniel Project$50,000
Mattapan Food & Fitness$30,000
New Beginnings Re-Entry Services Inc.$90,000
Franklin Park Coalition$50,000
Score4More – Youth Violence Prevention$20,000
Propa City Community Outreach – Maternal Health CBO$25,000
Playshed for Hunt/Almont Park$30,000
Boston Plan for Excellence Teacher Diversity Program$40,000
Independent Vocational Technical School Financial Assistance for Diverse Candidates in the Clean Energy Economy$500,000

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