Letter to the Editor 3-22-24

More pools open  this summer

To the Editor,

Thanks to interagency collaboration between BPS, BCYF, the Public Facilities Department, and the Property Management Department, investments of City funding, and improved facilities assessment, the City is on track to have more pools open this year than in previous summers, including the BCYF Clougherty, Draper, Marshall, and Mattahunt. The BCYF Clougherty outdoor pool is in the midst of a two year renovation and is expected to open this summer with temporary restrooms and changing areas. More information will be available as we get closer to summer. The BCYF Charlestown Community Center has an indoor pool which is open.

The City also has more opportunities for lifeguards through a residency waiver which allows us to hire more lifeguards and the lifeguard academy and hiring days that BCYF has been hosting in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources. Additionally, through the SwimSafe program the City is providing more free swim lessons for children in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Boston (9 pools), Boys and Girls Club (4 pools), Dorchester House (1 pool), and USA Swimming.

Sandy Holden

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