Bicon dentists impressive

I have read with amazement the stories [JP Gazette, Nov. 2 and Dec. 14, 2007] about Bicon Implant Center and its construction activities. Why all the suspicion? Dr. Catherine Morgan and Dr. Victor Morgan have been in practice here for years. They are from this area originally, and Catherine still lives in JP. The gist of the articles seems to be: What are they doing in there? This seems to be an example of unfounded suspicion of strangers.

The Morgans are certainly not strangers to me. I have been their patient for the 11 years I have lived here. They are very impressive. I’m proud that we have them in JP. The new dental clinic is beautiful. They train dentists from many countries about how to insert implants, a very specialized process. Implants are a very desirable alternative to dentures. Additionally, they offer a full-service dental practice. I think the world of the Morgans—and I love my implant. It’s something I can count on, unlike the rest of the teeth in my mouth.

Carol Summers
Jamaica Plain

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